Forts in Alibaug

Forts in Alibaug

There are a few forts along the coastline of Alibaug of which the Colaba fort is the most popular. Just a few hundred meters from the Alibaug beach one can walk across to the fort during low tides. Fort is open during all through the year and Archaeological Survey of India charges a nominal token entry fee for the visit to the Colaba fort.
Colaba Fort - Alibaug

Forts in Alibaug

The shoreline of Alibaug is dotted with sea forts right from Khanderi and Underi in the north to the Murud Janjira in the southern end. Sagargad another fort from the Maratha era is also located very close to Alibaug and is a great hiking destination especially during and after the monsoon rains. From a sightseeing perspecitive the Colaba fort is the most important fort in Alibaug.
Forts in Alibaug

Revdanda Fort

The ruins of the Revdanda Fort near Nagaon are a reminder of the Portuguese rule in India. A seven-story tower and the fortification walls are what remain of the original fort

Korlai Fort

Korlai Fort

On the way to Kashid just after the Revdanda bridge about 10 kms from Nagaon is Korlai fort. A lighthouse and an old chapel are the main landmarks of the fort and the bastions of the Korlai fort offers beautiful panoramic vies of the sea.

Sagargad Fort Trek

Sagargad is a trekking destination very close to Alibaug.  Sagargad fort can be approached from  Khandale about 7 kilometers from Alibaug or from Poinad via Wagholi.  The trek to Sagargad is an easy hike and one can return to Alibaug after visiting the fort in half a day. If you are a trekking enthusiast a trek to Sagargad is worth the effort especially after the monsoons when you can also see the Dhondane falls. On the way to Sagargad one can see Siddheshwar Temple and an old monastery.

Murud Janjira

Although located quite far from Alibaug (48 kms) Murud Janjira is one of the most important sea forts in the Konkan coast. The fort can be visited in sail boats from Rajapuri jetty .
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