Alibaug Beaches

Alibaug Beaches

The beaches of Alibaug are predominantly black fine sand beaches with a thin layer of more coarse grainy white sand covering the underlying black sand. Rocky stretches are a part of most of the beaches in Alibaug especially to the north of Alibaug town. There are a few fishing villages settled between the touristy beaches.
Alibaug Beaches

Beaches in Alibaug..

Alibaug Beach near the Alibaug bus depot is the main beach of Alibaug town with the other beaches stretching between Mandwa port in the northern end and Nagaon and Akshi to the south. The shoreline stretches further south from Nagaon onto Murud Janjira via Kashid. From a tourism perspective all these beaches are considered as a part of Alibaug.
Alibaug Beach

Water Sports in Alibaug

Water sports is available in almost all the beaches in Alibaug, however Nagaon is the premiere destination in Alibaug for those interested in water sports.

Mandwa by Ferry

Mandwa & Kihim

Mandwa owing to the ferry wharf is the gate way to Alibaug beaches. Mandwa and Kihim beach are located very close to the ferry wharf and are the most convenient beaches to reach especially if you are traveling by the ferry.

Akshi & Nagaon

Nagaon and Akshi about 7 kilometers from Alibaug bus depot together are the most romantic destinations in Alibaug. The vast expanse of the Nagaon beach lined with 'suru' trees extends endlessly onto Akshi another beautiful beach to the north of Nagaon.  Akshi is a secluded beach with fewer visitors than Alibaug making it more attractive to the traveler looking to just relax and laze around away from the crowds. Nagaon is the hub of water sports in Alibaug.

Beaches in Alibaug

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